RKW Hyplast, Belgium

RKW Hyplast NV, established in 1975 and part of the RKW Group since 2014, produces a wide range of polyethylene films for many different applications in the agricultural, horticultural, construction and converting industry. RKW Hyplast uses state-of-the-art equipment for the production of monolayer as well as co-extruded films up to 3 and 7 layers. The production capacity is about 40,000 tons. RKW Hyplast realizes a turnover (worldwide) of about EUR 70 million (2013) and employs ± 150 people.

RKW Hyplast has an in-house recycling facility with an annual capacity of 7.5MT that recycles not only own production losses but also those of external suppliers.

The service office in the United States (Chester, South Carolina), RKW Klerks, Inc., takes care of sales and marketing and distribution in the United States.

RKW Hyplast operates as an independent supplier of agricultural, horticultural, and converting PE films, which ranks among the top 3 companies, in the perception of its clients by maintaining the highest improvements in their productivity and quality.

Strategic aims

  • Continuously improve the quality of our films.
  • Optimize our market position in strategic selected markets.
  • Produce our products with the lowest possible cost and within the specified service requirements.
  • RKW Hyplast wants to be a good, fair and demanding employer.
  • Further professionalize our management information systems.


RKW Hyplast's success relies on:

  • Specialized high-quality products
  • Balance between price and quality
  • An intense product development policy
  • Advanced technologies
  • A wide spread distribution network
  • Highly committed employees
  • Well developed relationships with our customers
  • Reliable customer service (pre- and after-sales)


RKW Hyplast NV
Sint-Lenaartseweg 26
Kluis Z1 1340
2320 Hoogstraten | Belgium

Phone +32 (0) 3 340 25 50
Fax +32 (0) 3 314 23 72