Easy Handling and Safe Storage: RKW Presents Rondotex® Round Bale Nets at SIMA 2017

At the SIMA 2017 trade fair, RKW presents the latest versions of its RKW Rondotex® round bale net solution.

RKW supplies the pallet nets Rondotex® Standard and Elastic for wood storage.

RKW at SIMA in Paris, February, 26 - March 02, 2017, Booth 6G082

Frankenthal (Germany), February 08, 2017 - At this year's SIMA trade fair in Paris, RKW exhibits different types of its high-quality, easy-to-handle Rondotex® round bale nets, featuring the classics Rondotex® Evolution and the model Rondotex® IM-PRESS. The round bale nets for the safe and easy harvest and storage of hay, straw and silage bales can be seen at booth 6 G 082. In addition, RKW showcases the pallet nets Rondotex® Standard and Elastic.

The flexible Rondotex® Evolution round bale net solution has gained international recognition for light roll weight and low outer diameter, which result in exceptionally easy handling. Being state of the art, the solution also provides optimum edge coverage, uniform winding and trouble-free pressing. "RKW employs its self-developed technology for Rondotex® Evolution, thereby achieving improved tear resistance compared to other nets," says Sales Manager Clemens Becker.

Even more comfort comes with its trademark: the red edge string and end markings for easier insertion and changing of net rolls make Rondotex® a safe first-class product. The edge-to-edge and over-the-edge performance of Rondotex® Evolution provide a broad potential for application for roll widths of 1.23 to 1.70 meters and run lengths of 4,000 meters. For smaller round bales, RKW also offers the nets in roll widths of 0.49 m to 1.05 meters. Rondotex® Evolution is suited for all balers with net intake for silage, straw, and hay, while particularly sturdy versions are also used for sugar beet pulp and maize.

Contractors especially profit from the high reliability of Rondotex® IM-PRESS. With its reinforced chains and special knitting technique, it features excellent wide run characteristics and highly reliable edge coverage. The netting structure of the round bale nets simplify field work and allow for a trouble-free cutting process.

Rondotex® IM-PRESS is available with a working width of 1.25 meters and in run lengths of 2,000 to 4,000 meters. It can be used in all presses that have a core feed of 1.26 meters. All Rondotex® round bale nets by RKW are highly UV-resistant and can be shipped from the warehouse all over the world.

Furthermore, RKW provides the pallet nets Rondotex® Standard and Elastic with widths of 0.5 meters to 0.75 meters for wood storage and in the food industry.

For more information about RKW, please visit: www.rkw-group.com.

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