RKW Has Optimized the Performance of Its Silage Film Solution Polydress® O2 Barrier 2IN1

Providing work efficiency and sustainability: RKW has considerably improved its Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1 – an innovative combination of sealing and protection film.

RKW at SIMA 2017 in Paris, February 26 - March 02, 2017, Booth 6G082

Frankenthal (Germany), February 08, 2017 - RKW will present its complete range of agricultural films and nets at this year's SIMA international agri business show in Paris. The company has optimized the performance of its silage film solution Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1, which will be one of the highlights of RKW's tradeshow appearance. Visitors can also examine agricultural films such as Hytidouble® and wepelen® professional geosynthetic barriers at the booth.

Offering great advantages to farmers in terms of work efficiency and sustainability, the Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1 is the first combination of a sealing and protection film. Farmers can put the film in one roll on the silage in a single work step because the sealing film used for coverage is attached to the protective film.

RKW has managed to further optimize the mechanical characteristics of the silage film solution based on polyamid (PA) and polyethylene (PE) by using modified granulates. "Compared to conventional agricultural films, the Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1 weighs up to 50 percent less, requiring less material for production and reducing waste and disposal costs. At the same time, the films have proven to be exceptionally robust," says Sales Manager Clemens Becker. "In addition, the oxygen barrier of the sealing film is still up to ten times than standard silage films ensuring very high silage quality and better livestock performance as a result."

Absorbing moisture from the silage, the sealing film separates itself independently within a short time after application. This saves valuable time and contributes to a sustainable recycling concept. The Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1 product is ideal for all meat and dairy plants, energy-generating facilities and biogas plants, aiming for high yields, a healthy animal population and efficient production. The material is available in widths ranging from 6 to 18 meters and 25 to 400 linear meters roll length. Furthermore, RKW will present the new O2 Barrier system calculator, which predicts the added value and cost advantages.

RKWs Hytidouble® film is an alternative solution to Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1, in which two PE films folded together in one roll make the coverage of the silage fast and easy. Thanks to perfect positioning on the silage, Hytidouble® delivers significant time savings. The vacuum film makes sure it fits snugly on the silage products and reduces air circulation. The material is available in widths ranging from 10 to 16 meters and total film thickness of 115 microns plus vacuum film.

In addition to silage films, RKW provides polyethylene and polypropylene geosynthetic barriers primarily used for environmental, hydraulic and civil engineering. At SIMA, RKW will showcase its wepelen® geomembranes for agricultural applications like liquid manure basins and tanks, gas membranes for biogas plants, as well as water storage tanks and basins. Numerous certificates confirm the high quality of these professional barrier films.

For more information about RKW, please visit: www.rkw-group.com.

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